About Me

aloha !

When I was in school my teacher told me that I would never be a writer. I guess it didn’t phase me too much because I had no desire to write.

Years later I was asked to write a tech blog. I needed the money and so I lied and said that I could do it.  It wasn’t long until she told me, “You’ll never be a writer. Your grammar is terrible but you have an interesting style, so I’ll have my editor in Korea rewrite your posts.”

I felt a nudge for a few years now to write a blog but these hurtful comments held me back. Sometimes the Lord asks us to do something that we don’t have the confidence to do. Holy Spirit spoke to me about starting Jan 2017 and gave me the name ‘Feeling Jesus’.  And He said to me, “It’s time for Love”.

As I began to write I knew that legalistic religious types might attack me for this ‘feeling’ perspective. I am prophetic and remember more than one pastor say, “we don’t live by our feelings only the Bible”.  I beg to differ and I think God does too!

I believe in the Word of God but without Holy Spirit you can’t understand it.  Many people try to interpret it with their minds and not their Heart also.  Ignoring Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for our sins, they force old testament laws onto us Gentiles, ones they can’t keep themselves. Loading us down with burden as we try to “be good enough” in our own might. Leaving us feeling discouraged and defeated. Exactly what Jesus accused the Pharisees and Sadducees of doing.

2 Cor 3:6 – “He has enabled us to be ministers of His new covenant.  This is a covenant not of written laws, but of the Spirit.  The old written covenant ends in death; but under the new covenant, the Spirit Gives Life.”  (can I get an amen?)

Most unfortunately the internet today is full of prophet’s of doom, and hate.  Trolls that spew evil words, many organized to disrupt and destroy others.  If that is not bad enough, word’s written and things shared on social media to friends can be filled with awful images and really mean sayings for people and groups they don’t like or agree with.  This is an example of  “the letter kills”.  They go to church and call themselves saved in Jesus, Christians.  But where is the Love people?  Does this please Him?  WWJD? We represent GOD Almighty, His Son and He Alone is Judge.

GOD IS LOVE and without the God of Love – you can’t Love – and ‘Love Feels Something’.

I believe Jesus is the Christ, our Savior sent from the Father – His Son!  Our priest, rabbi, husband, lover of our soul, friend, prophet of Love and the giver of Holy Spirit.  He is our gift of Love and acceptance from the Father.  It is a choice this Love relationship.  Something that we freely choose and I believe you must ‘feel to be able to Love’.  And that our Love, our honest to goodness Love and Adoration is what delights the Lord in return.

I have incorporated much scripture so far into these writings but don’t mark the verse numbers as to not distract the reader’s chain of thought.  I am just learning this craft and write and erase and ask Him if He likes it.  Then I write more and erase, rinse and repeat.  It’s evident that this is going to be a Journey.

A Journey of the Spirit and of the Heart to move closer to Jesus.  Feeling His Love and asking how we can Love like that?  To learn to Love the Lord and others how it that pleases Him!

Who am I?  I am ‘the monk of Mauna Loa’.  Well, not really a monk but kind of because I live high upon Hawaii’s famous volcano mountain surrounded by mounds of molten lava.  Alone a lot (stuck up here often) so I like to soak in the Holy Spirit and work on prophetic graphics while I listen to anointed music and sermons.  I talk to God, pray and read the word.  I will remain anonymous for now because I want to and this is about Jesus and being guided by the Spirit.

I intend to disable comments when I figure it out because I don’t want to bring anyone down with a hateful writer who wants to wreak our peace.  But anyone can email me thru this Word press blog and I will respond to those seeking Jesus and love to share in His Love.  We are the Body of Christ, Let’s Live It!